Macbook Pro or custom PC?

Macbook Pro or Custom PC?

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Is CoreAudio worth the loss of USB ports, cost of repairs, and other hassles that Mac's policies introduce? Do producers and performers here find one to be clearly superior?

I tried to move away from Apple ecosystem, but ended up with Dell XPS 9570 which has been a disaster for music production. I am going to sell it and either return to a Macbook Pro or get a custom PC designed for music production, for instance from PC Audio Labs.

Specific recommendations accepted. I use Ableton in a live setting with RME Babyface Pro as interface, live guitar, looped vocals, and multiple MIDI tracks with effects so really need the best possible machine to handle processing.

Thanks so much!


definatly loose cable... with those things it always is... They never break... they just unclip... I would go teardown route, or take it in if its less than a year old... and dont worry... I "didnt" buy a macbook pro either...


My charger crapped out for my 13 MBP. Mine was a 60W with the L shaped plug.

Please let me know of anyone has one they would like to sell. Would prefer another L shaped but the straight out one works as well.