Looking for drum loop libraries à la Amethystium, Delerium, Enigma...


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Hi all, I'm new here. :)

I'm fairly competent with a DAW and synths, melodically and harmonically... except I'm crap at building beats. :( I'm trying to find libraries of drum/percussion beats for creating music in the style of Amethystium, Enigma, etc. Specific example: Mike Oldfield's Songs of Distant Earth "Let There Be Light" and "Ascension" (sorry - can't post links, I'm a forum noob). Kinda 16-beat, slight swing (which I can probably dial in in the DAW), little or no room sound, somewhat electronic but not beepy-boopy, not clubby/dancey/housey... Maybe chill? Maybe downtempo? Maybe 25 years out of date now? :rolleyes:

I use REAPER, NI Komplete (includes Battery) and Kontakt. I can use REX loops, WAV loops, etc. If MIDI loops, I'll need a kit or two to suit.

Any suggestions of libraries of loops I might be able to use? I've looked, but not found anything, maybe because I don't even know what genre to search for!

Armed with such loops as the backbone, I'll be adding KARMA drums and textures from my Korg M3, among other things.



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BTW... How do you know what libraries he used in 1994? Just by listening?? If so, my hat's off to you. :)

I've had a look around Zero-G's site, but nothing quite matched what I'm looking for. But I'll contact them tomorrow by chat to see if they can help me.

in the meantime, I'm still interested in knowing what the genre's actually called. Any ideas?


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A Google search got me all I needed. I think I still have some Zero G CDs in storage.

The music you reference would be called electronic. Mike Oldfield is generally considered a progressive rock artist.