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I'm looking for a producer/engineer to work with that can mix and master I make chill lo-fi type rap so if that interests someone let me know , I'm looking to grow and collaborate with this person and make some great music so hit me up
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I got about 10 years hands on experience with mixing and mastering and I've been producing for 9 years. I also have the equipment and software to make some pretty competitive mix/masters. I haven't really been using this forum much over the years so please forgive me if were not allowed to solicit our services. I will mix/master the first one on the house as long as you credit me as the person that mixed/mastered it and that you allow me to use it in my portfolio. If you like what I got to offer I can give you a deal if you have multiple beats for me to mix. Otherwise my normal rates are $50 to mix, $50 to master.
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Not sure why my comment didn't post...You do realize how much shit there is to learn right? Aside from all the equipment and software required to make great mixes? $100 per song is fair. Clearly I'd charge more if I had high end analog gear but I don't. I mix in the box. Just like my post said the first one is on the house so why don't you send me something to mix before you knock my hustle, there's a reason I charge what I charge.


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Hey there I ended up working with someone else on that track but would like to work something put for my new track if you would like to email me at jamespersonal81 (I cant post the rest because I have not posted enough to post links) but its just email


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Hey there!
I'm a 21 year old hobby producer from Austria.
I have been producing for about 5 years now and have earned quite a bit of experience regarding producing,
mixing as well as mastering, especially in the last couple of months.

I realized that proper plugins are extremely important and got myself some upgrades
so I can improve my workflow and make the music actually sound better.

I learned some tricks that actually made certrain mixer channels sound better,
learned how to handle specific plugins and implemented these techniques in my overall process of making music.

I think I am at a level now where it could get serious in terms of overall quality and originality of my music,
that's the reason why I am writing this.

Long way short, I have decent skills regarding creating hip hop instrumentals,
so if you want me to create instrumentals for you: I can do that.

If you want me to mix your track/instrumental: I can do that!
Of course I can't promise that you will like the result but there's a certain chance you will!

Hit me up at any time!
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Hit me up on instagram and check out my stuff: g3thatguy_bihhh
I can make any type of beat you are looking for, especially chill vibes. We can collaborate on many projects and further one anothers' careers!