Looking for a beat/song to make a video.


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Hi, this probably will sound odd, but im looking for artist/beatmaker for collaboration.

Im a video maker/camera guy based in Latvia. Me and few of my friends want to make a cool video for a nice beat or electronic track.
Its really hard to find quality tracks here in Latvia, so thats why im hoping maybe here i could find some hidden gems.

Its completly free couse we want creative freedom and make some of our ideas come to life on screen.

Here is somethings i have filmed :
These are old videos so skill for video making is much higher now

This is what am looking for:

These are just reffrences of what i like, i will listen to anything and if i like it maybe youll be the one i choose.
If you maybe know someone who would want to have a music video for free massage me.

my fb - https://www.facebook.com/kristaps.bickausks
my insta - https://www.instagram.com/chrissbii/

I really hope the will find someone to colab with.
With love chriss
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