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Wassup yall Im looking for the best way to take two turntables conneted to mixer and run them USB to my computer so that I can eliminate all unwanted hum noises throught the 1/8 inch jacks in da sound card.


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An USB mixer is a pretty natural choice if you "want to run USB", but I'd rather be looking at what's causing the hum in the first place. Are you sure it's the soundcard, not the turntables themselves? Internal interfaces are more prone to interference from the rest of the computer, but just switching to an USB one isn't necessarily the solution.


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get the M-Audio Connectiv, Better yet get the version with the control Vinyl and CDs, I got mine from GC for $270. Torq is nice, lets you use ya turntables to control ya MP3s like SSL but 1/2 the price.
Connectiv gives you 2 stereo inputs and 2 stereo outputs, plus the grounding post for your turntables. And the connectiv box is Pro-Tools compatible, so you can run PT7.3 and bring the turntable mixes directly into your PT project.