[Lofi Lush Beats] New Original Track/VIDEO - Feedback Will Be Returned!


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Hey there,

Finished a new track a couple days ago and looking to see what peoples thoughts are on it. It started with a guitar loop, and went from there. On a rainy day I went out to film because I was really feeling the vibe of the song. The inspiration comes from the colours of fall. It's called Yellow Orange & Red.

Any feedback given I promise to return, as always :) Really appreciate it!

Happy to share this one with you!

If you like what you hear, come check out my Soundcloud for more :)

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BallerD Beats

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I like the guitar in this especially when the drop hits man! Super smooth transitions which are nice. And I really enjoyed the melody as well. The drums hit nicely not too overpowering and not too complex but also not too simple! Overall I love how dynamic it is!!

Here is my beat Lose Myself [Prod. BallerD]
Staterd out with just the piano but the way produce my beats is I layed down the Chord progressions, Melody, and then went back finally layed down the drums. After that I had some samples of some vocals and laid those down and sped them up a bit. and weirdly enough I tend to never use metrenome. Since I play drums I have a metrenome built in my head so i'm always counting. But yeah let me know what you think. And btw I dialed down the volume a bit because I just liked it that way for that specific track personally so you may have to cut the volume up! Anyways thank you and honest feedback would be much appreciated


I Personally Find The Track Not So Interesting It Is Something Personal With Taste But Great Mix And Mastering 🎚️