Linux or Windows for music prod?


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I've read tons of articles online, including the Reddit post. I'm thinking of using Linux since I think it's cheaper

Help a guy out!
Hello, I personally use 2 different computers for mixing, my main uses Windows 11 and my other backup uses UBUNTU. On my main I have FL Studio and Cakewalk, and on my Linux one I have Reaper. I can say for sure that mixing and producing on window is sway easier for two main reasons:
1. WIndows has naturally more selection of daws to choose from, linux two main good daws are Reaper and Cubase, witch are both expensive.
2. Windows has more selction of better custom sound drivers to choose, I personally use ASIO4ALL v2 and it is phenomenal on my low end windows pc.
There is no point in using Linux for music producing. To me anyways. It might be useful but honestly It would just be a pain in the butt to do that. Because you would have to download a Linux version of the software which is also kind of annoying so I think that you should just stick with the windows version windows is very customizable just in general so its a better option. Also you should be getting a core I7 with at least 16 GB of RAM and then also you should be getting an external hardrive just for extra storage like for saving songs and samples because using a 500 GB SSD is going to fill up real quick if you are serious about making music I hope this helps.
When it comes to music production, both Linux and Windows have their advantages. Linux can be a cost-effective choice as you mentioned, especially if you're considering free software like Ardour and Audacity. However, it's worth noting that the availability of professional-grade music production software may be somewhat limited on Linux.

On the other hand, Windows offers a wider range of commercial music production software like Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Pro Tools. If you decide to go with Windows, you might want to check out windows key reddit. Ultimately, your choice may depend on your budget, preferred software, and familiarity with the operating system.
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