Lets trade contacts! urban


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Ive been wanting to do this for a while now.

I have some A&R contacts and some Producer manager contacts. Ill post mine up and you all can post yours!
Emails... Phone #'s... physicle addreses...
Please only credible sources not your friend from around the way!

I have 15 more with #'s, assistants names, emails etc. I want to see first if any one wants to post some too...

Relentless managment/ famaly tree tiffanyjmp3@gmail.com
Don danapoli of ISTANDARD PRODUCERS Prototypellc@gmail.com
Trafficker managment (out of miami) Myspacebeats@gmail.com
Can't remember i think hes a BAD BOY A&R MEMPHITZ@GMAIL
Grindstone Pub/Mngmnt Contact@grindstone-inc.com
Massive media mngmt Massicemediallp@gmail.com
Managers youngworldmp3@gmail.com
managment Solidprojects@gmail.com
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this is ridiculous, no offense. contacts are not baseball cards, you don't go around trading them.not to mention some of the info is off.


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These contacts are all public! and thats fine if you feel there not trading cards thats stupid of course there not. If you go to confrences you will get these contacts... All these contacts are meant for producers with heat, and if they got it, it should be heard. No there not off. I keep in contact with them on a reg. Except for Memphitz