Let’s Battle you win = Record Deal

Hey y’all I got a challenge if you beat me in a battle I’ll have my peoples sign you to the label of your choice. May God be with you and in your favor.. today’s topic fashion brands!!!!!!!

Stay-Up Junie

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Me out in the open got fame and glam clashing /got bitches torn at war with their hearts should I leave him for him like light and dark smacking./u gets no action like u at a sausage fest/didn't even have to study for this test/ luckily I woke up like this always at my best/you a opp opposite of hott fans leave ya session feeling u finessed them/ u started this beef like I don't pack lyrics like I be packing heat/ Forget would've could've I ain't second think /all I hear is ya song only one shot do not let it go, soon as i hit the door my Flo slappin like a old school/ didn't come from a long line of mcees ain't no lineage but when I gets to spitting out come Popeye eatin spinach/ I know this is a art so I make it pop same way I know for every car I serve at the spot make it hot /fuck this spot keep it jumping three times in a day reuppin keep it tumbling fumbling only way I'm getting caught/ one good run well be moved on and this time tomorrow this be just another vacant lot/ focused wit many heads on this monster all different sorts/ more then one way to eat a Reese sell it whole or in pieces/lookin out for snakes rats is newly recruited Jake/ give him the money and it's on left of the fire escape/ pay close attention I'll show ya how to get this cake/this don't happen overnight so when u like my right hand turned state just know he been that fake/nothin new we been knew what's at stake/ pork be takin all kinds of shape/ sausage bacon hell even make a porkchop look like alotta steak/keep it simple never too high too low even when it's eventful/Bible say clear as day ruthless retain riches/ choose this field ain't no might more like it will come a time test ya foreal/
Best be t.t.g. trained to go/ it ain't a out how much ya get more how quick ya get it gone youll be surprised how many get it wrong/
Hope yall enjoyed! Hey just had to out something on it this ky first day even on this forum so hey why not the mp3 was in one take I ain't even rap the words to myself so hey bare with me had to go to Walmart with mom's so before I did something to erase this somehow I'd rather hurry amd post something but u get the cadence from it anyways lolOne take didn't practice the lyrics just one and done click on underlined text!
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