Lenses and other things for music video.


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Hi. I decided to start making music videos. I currently live abroad and in next 4,5 years I'll go live back home where I plan to make music videos, but in meanwhile I want to learn as much as possible using camera, lenses, lights,...

So first I need camera and I thought buying panasonic gh4, because a lot of people suggested this camera for music videos and I specially like slow motion 96fps and 4k. Do you think I should buy another camera?

For lenses I thought buying Lumix g vario 12-35 mm f2.8. Do you think I should buy some cheaper kit lens for beginning or some other lens? Do you think I should get adapter and use some canon lenses or stick with native lenses?

So when I get used to camera and lens, then I was thinking get another lenses, stabilizer, lights,... ( meanwhile I will practise with my friends and shoot diferent type of videos, but not actually music videos, maybe one or two music videos per year when I go home for holidays).

Money is not a problem, but I think it's not good idea to throw a lot of money in the beginning.

Do you think that this is a good plan? What would you do in my situation?


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I would look at getting a black magic Pocket Camera(the 1080p version) and try your hand at that

Its slightly cheaper and then you go to a panasonic and use the same lenses iirc

Lenses are very expensive especially the adapters I think you should just get a camera first before going all out

You should even try hiring a camera for a day or two and see what you can make in that time frame


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If money isnt an issue I recommend get a few prime lenses (16mm, 30mm, 50mm) with the lowest f stop you can afford. E.g. f1.4
These are best for low light and also give you the depth of field (with the out of focus background) you need to make things look good. For slo mo, yes gh4 would prob be the best option, which has a sharper picture for slow mo footage compared to sony. Canon as far as I know is way behind the ball when it comes to high frame rates for slow mo.
Native glass is always best but $$$$££££€€€€