Leftover Vinyls Vol.2 BEAT-TAPE - Outss



Feedback would be apprieciated, i will try to return the criticism!

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McLovin Beatz

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Now playing. I'll leave a comment on your Youtube. You can check for me in my sig. If you rock with it, I would appreciate you dropping a comment on that soundcloud or downloading it. Thanks!

McLovin Beatz

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Man the last beat was ill. Them guitars was dirty. I would have loved if you did a lil more with it. But I get it. These are some donuts. Like I said, left my comments up on the tube.


This is real dope. You make a lot of Jcole/Common type beats. Its different. Its real hip hop. Good sound selection and good mix


First one: The vocal samples are cool. I can't see much wrong with this, maybe a little repetitive in places. It would be nice if the the drums panned far left and right would switch between a couple rhythms.
Second one: didn't really feel this one as much but it was still ok.
Third one: Where did you get the laugh track and is it free commercial use??? The flow of this track is good but i dislike the crackle and feel something else could have gone in it.
Fourth one: Full and good track, again not much to say about it.

Overall can't say much negative apart from personal preferences. Good work.

I'm hungry, feed me :(


Real smooth man, this is the type of hip hop I like. Subscribing, feel free to return the favor if you're feeling generous.

C Royal

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beat 1: love the 90's vibe. Drums are dope, really like the drum roll you have going on. Sample chops are on point. Head nodder for sure. Would like to hear some variation on the drums every now and again. I like that vocal sample that comes in later on.

beat 2: sounds like some old GangStarr, good stuff. I like that piano a lot. Would love to hear a nice bassline on it.

beat 3: nice swing on the drums, wah guitar is dope. Like that snare. Like the random laughing that comes in.

beat 4: really dope, maybe my favorite so far. Like how you chopped up those vocals. I'd like to hear you put a low pass filter over it for the hook. Could see Pac over this one.

beat 5: don't know about this one, nice experimentation, but wasn't really feeling the clashing snares.

beat 6: yes! dopeness. Like the vocal sample and snare is cracking.

beat 7: dirty, raw. Drums are knocking. Like that guitar sample a lot, sounds really dirty.

Good work overall.


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sup man this is nice...got a ny feel to it...one thing i have to say although its mixed really well...it gets repetitive...i do like the hip hop vibe you got on all the songs...but just a bit loopy for my liking...thanks for the check


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yo man this is dope! I really like the sample you chose. the drum patterns are unique as well. great work! I wouldnt change a thing except adding an emcee!


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I'm feeling this a lot. Love the vinyl cracking with the sample (did you rip this from a record or e-dig?) either way, it's nice.
The vocal sample is sick. Really sounds dope. I think the toms that are panned hard should switch up every now and then though, just to keep it fresh.
As far as repetitive goes, I don't mind it. These records would sound nice with an artist of the top and a listener wouldn't even notice.
The mix on these are super nice too. I love the grit that comes with sampling. Overall, great work bro. Keep it up!


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Solid beats man, this is actually my personal preference with beats really chill vibes with the whole tape keep up the work man. Do you have a soundcloud where I can follow you at?

Can you give me some feed back here as well?