LA Music Prize 2022 - Musicians Wanted - $10K Cash Grand Prize


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Music Prize isn’t just another music festival. It’s a competition, discovery festival, and music conference geared toward elevating musicians so they can go from playing as a side hustle to creating a bona fide career in music.

In addition to competing for $10,000 cash with your live set, finalists attend the two-day MPCon (Music Prize Conference), interacting with industry mentors in discussion and learning sessions. You’ll be judged on, and rewarded for, how seriously you take the business side of your business. When you attend MPCon, you will be rubbing shoulders with independent labels, talent management, touring professionals, and more. These mentors will teach you everything they know about the music industry and how to make it as an artist. Who knows, a networking opportunity may turn into a collaboration or other fruitful connection.

The deadline to register is July 22, 2022, and the conference and festival runs October 14-15, 2022 in Shreveport, LA.

Fill out the registration form and pay the $10 fee. Musicians who advance to the finals at Music Prize Weekend (October 14-15th) will receive $500 to perform at the festival. Non-local Musicians will receive ONE hotel room and be eligible for up to $250 in travel-related reimbursements (airfare, gas, and lodging).

Find out more and register here: MUSIC PRIZE 2022


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