Killer Instinct Remix King Shit


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im liking the beat, i like the build up, and the track it self, i feeling the different sounds, the little voice got a bit annoying whether thats a tag or not, but its all good mate, good work, keep it up


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epic intro....when the beat drops, shits crazy...because of that synth...i like the sound you used...has like a chiller carnival sound to it haha think its dope...i like the vocal chops in the hook...sounds cool. wouldnt mind hearing someone rap on this, cuz its a dope beat, but it does somewhat get repetitive..but with a good rapper on it, it'd clear that up, ya kno? keep up the good work man, its fire!

and thanks for checking out my stuff!


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Like the intro and whole beat go haaaarrrrrd, especially chorus, something like hard club banger. keep it up


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i like the feel of it for sure, i would play around with that sample, try messing with the attack and throwing some effects on there maybe.

other than that i like it


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the chorus... with the vocals... it jus seems a little messy. the synth melody is dope... i like this. i like vg samples


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WOOOOO!!!!!! This shit is banging bra!!!!!! I'd like some harder hitting bass but that's just my taste... I **** with this!


I sampled killer instinct too bruh, except I only sampled a vocal part that "ULTRAAA", lol, I use it alot in my beats. Beat is cool you definately need some BANGIN bass though, id throw some 808s in this and this would definitely be a bang banger, lol. I would see Wayne on this, this is like a trap/gamer beat. Mix needs some work, throw some verb on that vocal sample and pitch/timestretch it down a little bit and itd be a wrap. Return The Feed -