Key To Success With Your Music

DJ Nelson

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Much Respect. I've Been Producing For About A Year Now, And I Have Great Instrumentals, But Now Its A Fact That I Need To Push Them Out. Thanks For The Information!

Raed Bulbul

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Great Thread.

i've givin a tutorial about this subject so i've quoted this thread and signed it with your name ... so i hope it's ok for you.


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Great advice Kaminota, thanks!

The promotion thing is something that I am going to work on. Because like you say, just creating isn't enough, you have to "get out of the building" and present yourself otherwise no one will ever notice...


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This is the mind set every young artist on the come up should have. There's a lot of talent that never gets heard simply because they don't go out of their way to show case their art work. Some people claim to be starving artists but are extremely lazy.