Key To Success With Your Music


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i think the key to success is being clear on what you think of as success. that and voodoo curses against your enemies. jk.


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As much as I'd love to think that love for the craft, and churning out great music will make me successful, I also need to live with the fact that if I don't work to spread my music, no one will care. I know that should be the norm, but it's kind of hard to digest for an introvert, still.


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Be a Giver. Your Music Fans Love It When You Share
Well let's look at it like this... let's say that rockin' band you went out to see last week offered you a freebie just because you showed up to see them play. Maybe they gave you a digital card for a few free song downloads or heck, maybe they splurged a little and handed you a free CD when you gave them your email address.