Kailee Spark Makes Waves in Pop Scene Like Laura Veirs with Release of “Passageways” Single on Spotify and YouTube


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If you’re a Laura Veirs fan or just in search of your newest music obsession, check out Kailee Spark’s latest, “Passageways” on Spotify here! ( at:
. Kailee Spark has something genuine and unique to add to the pop scene and she’s soon to be topping all our playlists!!

Singer/songwriter Kailee Spark hails from the Big Island of Hawaii, Hilo to be exact, and her music video is shot on the ancient Na Ala Hele Trail and Ha’ena Beach. In her creative and moving video, Spark wanders the wet, lush tropical rainforest, a vision in a simple white dress, perhaps one of those beings that weary, lost travelers say have led them out of the deep woods. If that sounds intriguing watch the full video on Kailee Spark’s YouTube channel here. ( at : https://bit.ly/2SiZYZ1 )

“Passageways” is a plaintive meandering through plucked and strummed guitar, subtle brush drumming, and breezy chimes. Released via the local Kukuau Studio Label, “Passageways” is a story told by a wandering lover who has returned home. Spark deftly explores themes of pain, release, connection, and escape; this is clearly familiar territory. The track crescendos into a chorus of hushed “ahhhs” and rising drums, a repeated line making its case to the injured subject of her heart’s desire.

Fans can look forward to the kind of signature acoustic and piano ballads that have landed gigs throughout the islands, like the historic Hilo Palace Theater, where she played this year.

To stay up to date with Kailee Spark, check her out on her website Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch by clicking on her link tree! https://allmylinks.com/kaileesparkmusic