Just bought KRK RP8’S but somethings wrong….any help please.


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Hey, I have just purchased my first monitors KRK RP8’S. I love em, BUT…….
im having a bit of trouble telling if they are working correctly. They seem to working fine with music software (reason etc) but when I play music cd’s on my computer with them one speaker doesn’t perfrom as good. Let me explain how I have set them up. I have a cord plugged into the back of my hard drive’s speaker port, this cord then splits into 2 RCA connections, one red and one black. So then I have a cord connected to this which ends in 2 TRS 1/2' (or the KRK box says TRS 1/4” Phone) connections which connect to my KRK monitors. I have also tried connecting the monitors with the RCA connectors and the same thing happens. What happens is only noticeable when there is a fair bit of bass in the song. Its also easier to tell when you use the speaker balance in like windows media player to hear just one speaker playing at a time. So what happens is….one speaker will kind of sound like it is breaking apart, distorted, like it cant handle the bass, the other speaker plays fine. At first I thought OH NO one of my speakers is damaged but when I swapped the TRS connectors aorund (so the left speaker became the right speaker) the same thing happened to the other speaker. So im thinking there’s a problem with how I have connected them? Or maybe a problem with how I have my audio set up on my computer?
On the KRK box it says the RCA connectors are “unbalanced” so I thought that might be the problem but like I said it also happens when I use the TRS “balanced” connectors.
Has anybody else had this same problem or knows which way I should be connecting these properly. Thanks in advance for any help.



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Because of the way you have your monitors hooked up, it almost defeats the purpose of having them. In an environment where you want the cleanest, most accurate sound, you have to set up your monitors properly. Get a proper pro soundcard (I have the M-Audio Delta 1010LT), and run the audio to your speakers using two Monster cables (you can get ones that go from RCA to balanced). Avoid Y splitters at all costs. With your current setup, it is hard to tell what exactly is causing the problem, because you really need to clean up your whole audio path.


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Well, I'd have to agree with the guy above. You can get a decent soundcard for $100-200 bucks... my suggestions would be the E-mu 0404 or the 1212M, at $100 and $200 respectively. They both have stereo outputs and would eliminate your need for a Y-Adapter.


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Since the problem switches from one speaker to the other when you change cables it isn't the monitors.

Does it sound OK in both channels when you play a CD through other speakers or headphones? The problem could be the cables or the cd player.

If the new monitors sound OK when you play back through Reason, it's not the cables or the soundcard (unless there is a lot more bass on the cd than in your Reason tracks.


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The problem is still there when I play my other “ordinary” hi fi speakers. I thought they just did that because they could’nt handle the bass and high ends, but the KRK’S do it aswell, so…myabe like suggested before, some monster cables will solve the problem?......and a decent sound card which is my next purchase, just need to do some research first, but I will definantly go all out on a really good sound card.
Also I don’t have a mixer. Can I still use monster calbes and if so will they still do their job properly?
So how do you guys have your monitors connected?
Do you have just have one monster cable that is connected straight from the speaker port on the back of your hard drive to your monitors?