Johnny Juliano Making A Beat Part III (VID)


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haha, thats who i had in mind when i did that! looool - just tryna bring fun back into music.. everyone is too serious


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It sure does, what do you base you opinion on?


Ty baby

rumble young man rumble
Not saying soundclick isnt a good investment but Johnny when you gone

go to the majors I seen your page even bought like 20 beats from you for

my team your shits amazing stop letting these little kids waste your beats

this shit needs to be heard in the world not at some kids elementary school

my opinion


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cool video man
i really wanna know what the "hidden" synth is too, lol
anyway, keep doin these videos and i will continue to check them out


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lol @ u with the OOOHHHH NOOOOOO.

sounds good, i think you should remake some nursery rhymes. soundclick would eat that up.

btw, when u blow up, i'm leaking your White Boys verse on the blogs.

0:29 you sound like this old pedophile guy from Family guy lmao

Actually the oh no is from Bruce not the old man lol

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