Jam Master Jay Killed Because of 50 Cent / Supreme Beef?


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DJ slay tied to feud with 50 Cent?


The feds are investigating whether a Queens drug kingpin targeted Jam Master Jay for death because the deejay defied an industry "blacklist" of rapper 50 Cent, according to a newly released court document.
The drug dealer, Kenneth (Supreme) McGriff, had feuded with 50 since 2000, when the chart-topping rapper released a song called "Ghetto Koran" detailing the history of McGriff's "Supreme Team" drug gang.

"Messages transmitted over the [hip-hop record label] Murder Inc. pager indicate that McGriff is involved in an ongoing plot to murder this rap artist," according to Internal Revenue Service agent Francis Mace in a 2003 affidavit made public last week.

The affidavit notes that 50 Cent was shot and wounded shortly after the release of the song and was "blacklisted in the recording industry."

Mace also reveals - for the first time publicly - that the Oct. 30, 2002, murder of Jam Master Jay, the former Run-DMC deejay whose real name was Jason Mizell, may be tied to the bad blood between McGriff and 50 Cent.

"Law enforcement agents are investigating the possibility that Mizell was murdered for defying the blacklist of 50 Cent," agent Mace wrote.

No one has been charged with Mizell's killing. Mizell, 37, was gunned down by masked gunmen who burst into his 24-7 recording studio in downtown Jamaica.

McGriff is currently facing multiple murder charges in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Next month, Murder Inc. founder Irving (Irv Gotti) Lorenzo and his brother Chris go on trial on charges of laundering McGriff's drug cash through the record company.

Originally published on September 7, 2005

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50's reason for going to europe for awhile and leaving his "g-unit family and soldiers behind" great boss and friend lol...

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c'mon enough about g-unit and everyone just think in 15 years he'll be just like every other rapper and mc hammer..........how many rappers out there have good money management skills???


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what paper does this guy write for? you seemed to fail to mention that at the beginning... because if its just some joe blow lookin for a scoop from inquirer, i aint playin into that bullsh*t....

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Don't know, I can look that up. This is acutally an old theory though, since Jay was like 50's mentor. However, with the Murder Inc. trial, some of the evidence now is backing up some old beliefs about the connection between Murder Inc., 50 Cent, Supreme and Jay's death.


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Actually it was in the NY daily news. However that articles statements were retracted when they said in a police report fifty said they had nothing to do with it. So the search continues for his killer.