Izotope vs waves/or better


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Im getting ready to invest in some mixing/mastering plug ins and the most common ones i hear about are izotope amd waves so i was wondering which is better or if there are better mixing/mastering plugins out there


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I personally prefer Izotope, but I have some waves plugins that I use too. Just going off of my use of Alloy and Ozone, I like having everything in one place. They also come with quite a few presets that are great starting points for mixing and mastering. The thing I like about waves plugins is that you have more "specialty tools" that don't come packaged in Izotope.

Can't say either is really better. I use Izotope, Waves, FL native plugins, and some free stuff.


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I'm like the guy above, I use Izotope along with fl native plugins and free ones. At the end of the day, just remember that it's more of the person using the tool then it is the tool it self. It all really boils down to preference. :)
if i have to pick one for you, then it'll be waves. because they got more vsts on their line, some are specific usage, they imo got me on a better workflow because of their simplicity on the GUI design.

i also wanted to add Fabfilter on it too, because they got serious serious vsts. great GUI for people who are looking for those cool looking ones, and def great great result. the Limiter, Compressor, and EQ are my top 3 if you're going to check on it.


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What tools do you want from the suite of plugins?

The question itself tells me you may not have a solid grasp on how to mix well... and may be using the tools as effects and not tools. It's like asking "which is better... Craftsman or Black & Decker?". I mean... it's way more to it than just comparing the manufacturer.

Izotope will likely be more useful to you b/c of the extensive presets and chains that you can tweak to get close to the sound you want without guessing what plugins to use to get there.

However... if you want a traditional way to mix, save your money and get the Toneboosters suite of plugins for $99... amazing value for extremely good sounding tools... and Klanghelm SDRR, MJUC, and DC8C for extra. Also look at Melda.

No offense but the way the question is posed doesn't give me the confidence that you will be successful w/ your application of a large expensive bundle of plugins. Start small and learn how to use each plugin inside out first. You will get much much much much further than slapping on Izotope or getting a Waves bundle b/c rumor has it it's the best. It's really not. Honestly... I'm not a fan... except for a few plugs here and there from waves. I do have Kramer Tape and Soundshifter. I wouldn't spend much on anything else except maybe the API line.


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U cant really compare them, they're both good and i use plugins from both packages, as well as universal audio. Id say always look out for other plugins that have good reviews, test them out, learn the plugins inside out and what they can really do. I recently discovered Softube's FET compressor and wow, that instantly went into my drum bus channel replacing others i was using.


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I have Ozone 7 Advanced and the gold bundle. If you're mixing go with waves. Izotope Ozone stuff is pretty CPU intensive and can introduce unwanted latency. Practically why they're best used with mastering. Alloy is good for mixing if you're a person that just wants results without having to resort to categories of effects and treatments. Waves will offer more versatility.

But its like people said, if plugins are what you're after for a better mix, save that money and get some good monitors. I don't know your level of mixing/mastering, but if you're starting out, learn how to mix with the controls in your DAW first. I call these utility plugins because they get the job done regardless of quality. Once you have a grasp on that, try out different plugs by developers and see if your workflow increases or that plugin helps you achieve finer results. . . THEN buy. If you rely on 3rd party plugins now, you might be at war with yourself later.
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Thank for all of your answers and yes i am a novice mixer but i been hearing about different mixing tools just wanted to see what other people use


I don't have much experience with Ozone. I heard it once or twice a long time ago and thought it sounded badly. This was a long time ago though, so it could be better or my memory may not be as clear. My favorite compressor is Waves Rcomp and my favorite limiter is the Waves L2 limiter. If I had to choose just one of each, I'd go with those two. Not exactly a mastering suite but most people just want to compress and limit when they speak about mastering.