I've been gone for a few years, what's new?


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So a quick little back story,

I was big on making beats when type beats first started around the Taz Taylor era and when The Beat Plug was really poppin back then we all made alot of money but then it got saturated and i took a step back and other things happen in life and i ended up putting the beats down for a few years which i regret. But anyway im back its been about 3-4 years since i touched FL Studio. I just feel so out of the loop because i remember back then everything was changing fast so i can only imagine. In my time Omnisphere and Electra X was poppin and so was Half Time.

So i guess my question is,

Did anything really change much?

Whats the hot VSTs now?

Whats the best FX Plugins?

Fill ya boy back in please! Much appreciated.


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I'm in the same boat. Put FL studio down for a few years and peeking my head back into the community. I think this site is dead, looks like they stopped trying to stop spam messages and its pretty much just spam posts now. TikTok is kinda popping for beat making shit though, check there.


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Yeah, I agree with you. I hope moderators of this website will get active soon as they used to be. I really like this website and I still remember I found this website by mistake because I was looking for the https://www.topessaywriting.org/samples/government website and when I was searching for it on google search, I clicked on this website mistakenly.
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