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Hey guys
maybe two dumb questions but i really don't understand this about ISRC:

1. All music ready I know it has but does acapellas have ISRC in it? so if I take a tupac acapella and do a remix and post it on youtube would I have a problem? Understand that here I say "problem" in the sense that I post the song on youtube and the message "you infringed copyright" appears, I'm not talking about the music going viral and a record company came after me for copyright.In short it is: Does youtube, ig, spotify or any other automatically recognize an acapella if I remix it?

2. Now speaking of the whole song if I sampled any song (Say one of tupac) and remixed it and posted it on any of these platforms, they automatically recognize that I infringed the rights or is it if the label finds out and came after me? I still have some difficulty understanding what ISRC is and how they track you lol sorry my english

thx in advance!