Is Sound Proofing Essential ?


Most would like to know if sound proofing is still the way to go for home studio's with all the quality in headphones and in speakers enhancing continuously and human ears becoming more dedicated too, is it still a good idea to soundproof your room or closet...?

Well I believe yes it is still very useful and not that cost effective to sound proof whichever room you choose to add the shield of sound too your home studio not only for the quality of your music but also to make sure your neighbors and/or room-mates aren't disturbed when you are steadily mixing down your music to get a fresher quality appeal of sound.

Want to find out more of what sound proofing will do and what items to get started with check out my blog post on it right here

Benefits for Soundproofing your home studio


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Again-- Sound-Proofing and Sound-Treatment are two different things.

And yes, you need sound treatment. Physics and biology haven't changed, and mixing exclusively on headphones is not a good idea.



I'm sorry but that article is just full of bad advice. As said, "sound proofing" is a completely different - not to mention usually really expensive - thing that acoustic treatment which is what you're talking about; proofing a room basically means building another "floating" room inside it, because no acoustic treatment is going to actually stop soundwaves from going anywhere. They might attenuate the reflections - which is what they're built to do - but they don't stop sound going out. Acoustic foam is also the least impactful form of treatment that's only really good for reducing the highs; the problem frequencies in a home studio setting (and any room for that matter) are usually in the low end, for which foam does nothing at all; you need bass trapping to control the lows. Also, egg cartons don't do anything at all. Certainly they don't "make a difference".


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Relly does help and also find it kind of helpful subconsciously knowing your in a creative space rather then just a room