Is LANDR good enough for mastering your music?


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I recently released my first EP which you can listen the full liveset following this link:
I mastered it all using the website LANDR (AI mastering). Do you think it is a good mastering or would you recommend me to work with sound engineers?
Any tips are welcomed :)
Many thanks for your feedbacks!


Short answer : No

Long answer : No.

AI mastering might make it "sound better" than you could, but that doesnt mean in mastered. AI mastering really isnt AI. The program just detects your audio loudness, compression and limiting stages + analyses the db and other loudness units and then makes corrections. At best you'll get some generic 2010 type radio master, at worst it will take the soul and dynamics out of it.

IDK how much landr mastering "AI" prices itself as, but I'll bet you'll get better outcome from a human. You can communicate with him/her, thats A HUGE PLUS WHILE CREATING ART.

I could master your EP, shoot me a mail


If you create it, dont mix it yourself
If you mix it, dont master it yourself