Is it in the near future?

mano 1

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I don't think so.

Even on the very high traffic websites such as and others, the chatroom is generally empty. This i sbecause people walk in, and walk out.

This new community system is very user friendly, feel free to use it to chat about anything you want. there are several forums.

Hope you'll have a great time posting and reviewing other people's post. This system has several advantages over a chat room.

Take care


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If there'll be no chat maybe instant messages and see on the forum which people is online, so you could send messages to the person you want to...

my 0,000001 centime :D


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Maybe not a bad Idea, but that could create "private" feelings here. We're here to share aren't we.

Also I wouldn't trust my privat messages in the hands of ManoOne I think he's reading everything we "say"!

It's a conspiracy, alongside with the green guy in my room that won't leave.

(Now he's laughing at me again, I wish I could kick his sorry little *ss back to where he came from!)

(Ahh those six eyes staring at me when I'm sleeping, It's driving me insane!)


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what the~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ there ain't no little mixing toy yet *sob* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~