Is fl fruity edition (99$) enough for making hiphop beats?


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lol, -
alright here, you can have 20% of an audio interface with fl fruity edition. ....but only having 20% makes it useless so.... no audio interface with fl fruity.​

and ya, your points dont make any sense. what? i've already tried to make sense out of them, but they dont make any sense so...idk amigo

ill just end with something you wrote - "
It's nonsensical with the fruity edition. Yes. For that you need Producer Edition." back to the original posters question. there.
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so to KLIPPER (original poster), can't even drag and drop samples/audio clips, ...or record any audio (ie. use an audio interface) in fruity.
You'll only be able to work with the limited midi, and virtual instruments/sounds. no sampling, and no recording real instruments. it's up to you! To me, that's not enough, but for you it may be okay. it's up to you.

(not sure why this other dude came outta nowhere. ..but there you go, hope that helps)
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It's probably best to look at the fruity edition as a beat making tool only.
You can DL Cakewalk, Tracktion or Podium free for audio recording for free btw.


After itsaboylofti resurrected this one, I hope Epsilon-144, after so much time realized how wrong he was.