Ironic DAW System (and Alternative DAW System) Subtleties and complaints (and fixes)...

Here's a whole lot of insights and advice. It's a quick, small download, readable as plain text, printable PNG image. You can save it now and read it later, when you've got time: (the image is TALL, but scrollable) Open in your brower to read it (Ctrl-O, or Command-O; then zoom in and out and drag to scroll)

Admittedly, it's a set of rants, but useful to DAW users rants.
If you work with Linux or are thinking about it, it's useful too.

Even if you DON'T use Linux, it's got some stuff about bogus advice, in general, that us DAW users and music composers tend to encounter. I hope everyone is helped by this. There's also a vibe about coping with internet bullies of sorts, and how they might be haunting DAW users from time to time, wasting our time and resources.

I *DID* include a few proposed optional solutions too.
But I left out some specifics because it's not really that type of a post yet.

The file size is approx. = 815.1 KiB (834,657 bytes)
CRC checksum = b3567124

SHA256 checksum = e4b5153a2e025411f41df2237e9b2da41ae35238b1fbfa3dad68bcd184089e5d ...yep, I did that.
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