Introducing Spacer by Spectral Plugins – A New Dimension of Reverb and Delay

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Hi everyone,

At Spectral Plugins we’re really excited to launch our newest plugin, Spacer – an expansive wet FX station with five types of spatial experience on board, and no limits to where you can take your sound.

Spacer is our most powerful tool yet, featuring a combination of creative reverbs and delays assembled in a fluid, modular system and fuelled by an otherworldly granular engine. Build unique dimensions in your mix with three types of reverb – algorithmic, convolution and granular – and two delays – simple and granular – to create dreamlike overtones, shifting soundscapes or contemporary ambiences.


Each of Spacer’s effects modules can be linked in any order to generate infinite creative FX combinations, but are also designed to work as independent processing stations in their own right, with separate parametric EQs, per-effect presets, parameter randomization and bypass controls.

Spacer also comes equipped with a transformative multi-voice chorus, Air and Presence controls for high-end EQ shaping, Saturation for subtle upper harmonics, Age to simulate the characteristics of vintage recording equipment, Haas effect controls and more.

Spacer is available now for the intro price of $69 (rising to $125 on December 5th).

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Full Feature List:​

  • Three Reverbs (Algorithmic, Convolution, Grain)
  • Two Delays (Simple, Grain)
  • Fluid modular system
  • Dynamic granular engine
  • Pitch-shifting technology powered by Zynaptic
  • Independent parametric EQs
  • Per-effect Mix and Gain controls
  • Global and local parameter randomization
  • 110 Impulse Response types
  • Global high-end EQ controls
  • Multi-Voice Chorus
  • Vintage ageing effect
  • Output signal saturation dial
  • Haas effect controls


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