Introducing iLoud Travel Bag


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Introducing iLoud Travel Bag
[h=4]Protect your iLoud with our new Travel Bag[/h]

is the first studio-quality portable speaker for musicians and audiophiles, featuring pristine sound, a whopping 40W RMS of power, Bluetooth and wired connectivity, DSP speaker management, a built-in input for guitars and dynamic mics, and long battery life.

Because iLoud is so portable, people are taking it with them everywhere. So we figured a travel bag would be a good idea, to protect the iLoud as it’s being carried around. Enter the iLoud Travel Bag. This padded gig bag has a stiched-in iLoud logo, adjustable straps and a zippered pouch for carrying cables and other small items.

Size: 11.8" (30cm) x 7.8" (20cm) x 5.5" (14cm)
Cost: $39.99/€29.99

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