Interesting DAW usage by genre

Has anyone run into this? It's interesting because I personally don't think there are DAWs for certain genres... but then again I wonder. When you research DAWs there is definitely a good bit of "best DAW for hip hop/EDM/etc" type talk. Even someone as seasoned as Young Guru goes into it in this video, he thinks FL Studio is more for "EDM trap music" and goes on to explain it's a self fulfilling prophecy when people see musicians get famous after using a DAW, it kind of gets associated with that.

I started in Logic myself, and when I considered switching to Bitwig I cannot tell you how many discussions I read about how it's more of a DAW for electronic music... maybe because Ableton kind of is, and Bitwig was made by some of those same developers?

Anyhow you can see the graphic and data for yourself.