Intel Mac or M1


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Hi everyone,

I am a singer and songwriter (not a music producer) and in the past I always used PC just to record my ideas so I could share them with my producers. However lately I managed to save money and I finally decided to buy a Mac so I can start and improve my music productions skills with Logic Pro or Ableton. However I feel like is the worse moment to buy a Mac. Until a few months ago the Mac book Pro 16 seemed to be the only option to go for in music production, but now that the new M1 came out it it seems like a big waste of money. Even the Macbook AIr M1 base model is able to do pretty much everything the intel 16 can do but it costs £999, plus is not noisy like the 16 and much more portable. However M1 still have so many issues with software and plug ins and many people advise to wait for the next Mac in November when many issues will be fixed there will be more ports and a better machine. I really don't know what to do, I certainly do not want to wait till November and I am not certainly buying another PC. Of course I would prefer to buy a mac book air M1 at £999 considering that I am still learning as a producer and it should be more than enough, but I do not want to waste my time trying to make work programs and plug ins, plus it has only 2 ports. On the other end does it worth spending more than £2000 for the 16 intel, a machine that will be soon obsolete, with a noisy fan, very big and heavy, just because still has intel and all programs and plug ins are compatible? Plus, everybody say that you should buy the highest specs model i9, with 32 or 64GB of ram, etc. but with my budget all I can afford is the base one I7, 16GB ram, 512 ssd. I would really like to know your opinions about it. Thank you
Looks promising. This is where my crew will be going. Beta is ongoing atm, the official release is feb 10th.

I wont be able to join because Im in the process of moving atm. But I figured Id give you guys a heads up in case you were interested.
Theta V.2 is opening on Feb 2nd.. Just wanted to see who was all joining it.. I heard they are gonna have some sick ingame features.. Kinda excited for it.. Whos going?