Inspired by Final Fantasy series

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Glad to see a forum for Game music.

This one was inspired by the types of games I liked as a kid... Final Fantasy (3,7,8), Zelda, and other fantasy RPGs. Might work better for a trailer or in-game cinematic rather than a repetitive overworld theme or something, but any comments would be great. Thanks!



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I very much agree with the FF-vibe on the first one. Contrary to your opinion, I think this could work for an in-game background soundtrack. It has just the right dramaturgy and variation without being too intrusive. It also has that nice "character-less" synthetic string/orchestra-sound that reminds you that you're in a game environment, however that is not all too bitty and lo-fi.
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nice work...very theatrical. i've never played final fantasy series but this sounds like an epic beat. good job


here is a thread to my beat. Please leave constructive criticism or a comment in the thread

Also my beat "futuristic flow" just surpassed 16,300 plays :victory: