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Dimos Zagaris

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As the age of musical storytelling appears to dwindle- Matthias (Little Bear) Clark stands out and reverently delivers an indispensable and relevant mix of Soul-Funk Poetry and unapologetic activist Folk-Pop Americana . With unrivaled musicianship, a resonant vocal tone and sophisticated range- Clark grabs the listener by the ear-strings and invites them in close -to be warmed by the flame of his vibrational bonfire. Blazing trails and unraveling prolific tales- Matthias stirs the soul and breaks the levee, to let the river of living music roll in. He rebelliously rocks the boat and sails us into a new age of creative communion with farm to table songs cooked up from his childhood table on Sullivan street to his family kitchen in the sleepy unincorporated beach town of Los Osos CA.

Super Power Girl by Matthias Clark on Spotify-


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Hello Dimos!
My name is Lev.

I really liked your music and as a label would like to talk more about your further songs.
My team is growing 2 labels for which I'm looking for new stuff and one of them has a course on such a music style.
I'm sure I would have to offer you something worthwhile.
Contact me if you're interested to discuss the cooperation.

Thank you!

My E-Mail is: