Incoming Threats to Computers, OSes, Internet, Softwares, Firmwares, Networks, and likely our DAWs too...

I've been reading articles like that from a vast variety of sources since about 2003, maybe 2002.
I read and watch some online and offline intelligence, military, government, independent, and law enforcement authored reports too.
Everyone has been pretty much saying unanimously that it's getting worse. A lot of resources mention the problems getting worse exponentially over time.

The article linked above was published recently.

Personally, as a mitigation, I'm in the process of trying to assembly an extensive personal sample library before I sideload everything to a standalone hardware DAW. It kind of sucks because I really like the software sound design techniques for all the amazing sounds that can only be attained that way.

But this has been the main year that I've realised that as long as I sample and save the sounds adequately, then I have them ever after, and it might even be a lot more efficient way of sound designing and composing.

I encourage anybody else who might be nervous about computer and DAW stability to do as much offline research you can to learn how to have a working parallel and/or backup plan. I'm not just talking about system backups, but a ready and available alternative to computer-based music.

It's also a safeguard against financial and data and identity theft and malware disturbances in general. It's also a way to thwart some of the threat actors who like to steal or borrow other people's resources rather than buy their own. They usually cause problems for everyone, whether they are within (dis-)organized crime or espionage. Even when regional and national and international law enforcement does digital investigations, sometimes their techniques cause system glitches. Sometimes they are even supposed to.

Last but not least, there's a whole bunch of hyperactive new digital and business social trends, and the laws and courts have never been prepared for most of any of it. My classmates and I in college were warned about some of that while being taught about copyright law and music business contracts. But it's also very very real in terms of lawsuits and mass manipulation and scams and Supreme Court turning it's arrogant backs on everyone while continuing to make things worse.

And of course there's several wars and refugee incidents and the corporate espionage gets a free pass to usually be ignored by mainstream news despite them CONSTANTLY battling each other with digital warfare and even sabotaging humble independent people too. Major record labels and mega media conglommerates are right there in that solidifying their empires while they try to absorb each other.

Some of the manufacturers that used to be 125% stable and reliable and popular and active have gone bankrupt or strangely retired into oblivion. Some businesses even throw away their own empires and switch into completely different services.

Culturally, the respect goes both up and down at the same time in variety of ways for us musical people. There's still a lot of hype and exaggeration and unnecessary kinds of mystique and misdirection. To some people, we're all just "content creators" or just "amateurs"; they might not have any respect whatsoever for our craft and craftsmanship and code of ethics or subgenre norms. Others are busy trying to bastardize our core strengths and turn us into cultural trend fetishes.

Overall, it's OK to self defend. So good luck, and watch your digital back.
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