In need of some good R&B scales n chords


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i bought a juno-g and the sounds on here arent that bad at all, especially the epianos and organs. since i bought ive got a different feel for using chords since i didnt have a midi controller before. but i was wondering if anyone knew some good r&b soul scales and chords that i should go by instead of just the major chords and scales all the time. any suggestions?? ive been playing by ear but im about 90% sure there's more to it


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Yeah there is more to it, I don't think theres a key that only employs full Major or Minor Chords, but then again theres no specific scale for R&B, you can make it sound hot with a good progression but if you don't know how to lead up to your tonic, your sh*t will sound wack, you can use the same chord progression hitting at every bar and sound wack but place them at different places and it becomes hot, it ain't just about chord selection, you gotta have a good rhythm too.

But try playing in the Dorian, its almost the exact same as the Natural Minor but I think it suits the modern era of R&B for better progressions with the raised 6th, cuz it changes the II chord to a regular Minor.


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minor pentatonic scale in A or combine minor A scale & minor pentatonic with emphasis on Pentatonic.

Tons of songs written and are STILL being written with just this simplest of progressions.