im excited

o'liffey cuz

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sup fam,

ive just been listenin to some samples i got there recently, and hoooo **** there is some ridicilously hot ish on there!

i pretty much buy between 8 and 15 rekkids everytime i dig now!

id love to play one in particular to madlib and doom then be like "nah nah nah nah nah!!!!"

coz this sample in particular has them written all over it!

anyway sorry about the rant.

any of you ever get some hot ish that you where just like "" ooooooooohhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhit" when you where listenin to it?

anyway check out for some of my work

hugs and kisses

big timothy

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the first one was definitely the best in my opinion even though all were above average lol

and itf world champion hey.....that is a huuuge accomplishment and id like to say congrats :D

maybe you could give me some lessons lol

o'liffey cuz

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thanks man, them beats are far from my best i change them every so often so mcs im working with can hear them,

lessons on scratchin, first thing id say is go at your own pace, really it will come to you no matter how long just keep at it and you will be rewarded, saying that i was blessed haha!

props on those beats mate, im liking what i heard.

btw, that chick your with in the top pick (leapard skin) is an accomplishment in itself!!