Ijahman levi - first song of first album is a masterpiece

mano 1

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I remember listening to the first track of Ijahman Levi's first album (1978 - HAILE I HYMN CHAPTER 1) over and over and over some years ago. this one track Jah Heavy Load

this is one of the few +6 minutes tracks you can listen to hundreds of times


and I can say that I don't dig as much any other song or album from him, but this very particular song was a masterpiece.

If you haven't heard it before, you missed something


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Gotta love that rootsy stuff. I must admit I haven't heard his stuff, but the album title alone is worth attention - "Haile I Hymn Chapter 1"! Jah almight!

My no. 1 recommendation is Scientist's "Rids the World From the Evil Curse of Vampires" (what a title!). Brilliant dub from start to finish, and the production is just pure almshouse a gwaan!