If you wanna sell beats online do this


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What's up my g, so you wanna sell beats online ?

If you never sold a singles beats online yet. It's probably because you make all the rookie mistake (I did that myself too)

May be you spend your day making new beats and drop them on your social media wishing someone will hit you up to bought you a beat.

May be you hit artists on DM all day but you never got answer or just things like "I'll you up when I need beats"

Or may be people tell you "I'll bought you beats next friday when I get paid". May you tried to post your beats on every platforms, in facebook groups, you did ads, tried to sell beats for $5 bucks, giving away free beats but nothing change ?

At the end you start think about quitting selling beats online ? I feel you and here is couple things you should understand and do to change your situation :

1 - The dopest beats don't sell by themselves :
Nobody will discover you randomly and buy you beats (it can happen if you have ALOT of change) you have to work your ass off to get result.

2 - Posting beats on your social media and hope isn't even the dare minimum :

You have to go out. Networking the right way. If nobody hear your beats nobody will buy but you have to let the world know you're here.

3 - Network the good way :
Networking is not dropping your beats in random artist DM without saying hi. It's not also send a DM to an artist & say "Hey bro I got fire beats for $20, I can do package & discount I work on every budget blablabla" nope. That's spam and you got 95% chance of not get answer by doing that and 5% chance to get a "No I'm good" as a reply

How to network the right way ? Bring value on the table. Show you're really interested by them & their music. Don't forget there's human being behind the screen

4 - Build relationship & trust :

That's the following of the previous point. If you wanna get someone spend money on you have you have to make sure they trust you and value you & your work. That's exactly why you can struggle even if you sell beats for cheap. That's the missing part. Just show them you know what you're talking about, you're a master a what you do. There's tons of way to show that. Just believe in yourself and start showing your value

5 - Be patient & do the work :
You have to be patient. It's can take time to see result. But most important you have to do the work & do it often if you wanna get result.

Are you ready to put in the work ?