If you feel like it, post up your own EP, LP, Maxi-Single, album cover visual art ideas. OKAY!

Just like the title says, share yOur homemade visual arts.
We may be better at making sounds than visuals, but that's okay.
This is a Judgement Free Zone (jFz)

I just did this today.


As you can guess, I got some opinions, but the main idea is letting out some stress via PhotoFiltre freeware (from France).
The software I used is one of my longtime favorites. I might try and get into some photography in a few weeks.

I'm probably going to try and find somebody to convert some of my stuff into T-shirts for me to sell on the side.
Or, I might just print up weird little framed art using frames from a dollar store and sell them as tabletop decorations.

Just so you know, so it's clear, I'm not Altern-8 nor am I an affiliate of theirs, I just like their style and this art is a clear cultural reference to them and their time with us as contemporaries. All this recently established neverending hype with the masks is really NOT SEXY. But the Alter-8 stagecraft with the masks, THAT made 1990's Rave Culture sense, and playfully. All this modern, "okay, time to suffocate and get brain damage instead of doing whatever else you would've been doing" is really NOT WORKING FOR ME!!!! (and others).

I'm gonna keep the actual band Altern-8 in my signature so people have easy point and click access to that nice cleverness of the actual Altern-8 band and their music and their cultural context. COVID-19 stuff is BS and whomever's been conning us all, they clearly stole the mask idea from somebody else and forced it upon the masses while making money off of peddling unneeded "vaccines". Peace be unto SARS victims, but that existed a long time ago, the modern day stuff is something else--mainly propaganda.

But I digress, just explaining the meaning and vibe of the art though.
I really might use it as an album cover to solidify this weird point in history.

Come to think of it, if I probably couldn't use this as an album cover, or whatnot, but Altern-8 could! I should email them a free copy to do what the will with it. I might actually do that instead. That is, give em a free gift and props and some laughs instead of copyright/patent/logo issues.
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