ICL Academy Presents: Stargate's School of Pop

Bright Live

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$5 - Ticket link: http://brt.live/stargatesesh

Stargate will be part of an interactive online session today at 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST.

are a song writing and producing duo from Norway that are responsible for some of the best songs you can’t get out of your head from the last 30 years. As representatives of ICL Academy, Stargate is proud to partner with Bright so they can discuss how personalizing creativity has helped them not just stay on the radio for the past 30 years, but carve them into the halls of pop music legend. Join their session to learn key insights and tips on personalizing the creative process for some of the world’s biggest musical acts - from Mariah Carey to Lionel Richie, Janet Jackson to Whitney Houston, and dozens of other top-recording artists, there’s something to learn from the two people who have left their fingerprints all over your favorite music from the last three decades.


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