I want learn the drums


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I want a drum kit and want to learn how to play them. Can anyone help me out tell me what's the best kit to buy?
Please reply someone.


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Sounds sus, but start with a Pearl Export or Forum kit and Zildjain or Paiste or Sabian cymbals. Get Gilbraltar hardware (stands, etc). Get a Gretsch or Ludwig kit if you can afford it.

Definitely get yourself a teacher


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Yeah I agree, Pearl make great kits. If you can get a Pearl kit, do it. Another good kit is the Sonor Jungle. It's not really one for heavy rock/metal but for lighter stuff like jazz and funk it's perfect.


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My first kit was and still is Sonor Force 507 and I gotta say, that if you can play with it, and with the play word I mean tune it properly, then you can get very good sound for little price. You should buy some Sabian XS series, they might be little more expensive than B8, but sounds way better. Trust me. Don't buy Gibraltar HW for the start, bullshit. And DO NOT forget to buy yourself a comfortable drumthrone, which is very important. Go to some music store and try them out before buying them on blind. :) Hope I helped you a bit. :)


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You really should search for a teacher, or a music school. I'm not a drummer myself, but I do know that the drums are quite complicated to play. Even more for Heavy Metal/Rock. If I'd start to learn how to play the drums, I'd go to some artists workshops too. There are plenty of great names that do tons of workshops, like Mike Mangini, Mike Portnoy, Marco Minnemann, etc.