i need an opinion on this


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I got bars guess I'm illegal

I'm single doesn't mean I want to mingle

got them all pissed they need to tinkle

all I see is hoes but where Chris Kringle

wanna talk about looks lets talk about skill

wait you don't have that so how you makin deals

I make yo skin crawl know wonder you got the chills

they want sympathy so how do you feel

Dont need to have a gun cause who Im gonna kill

Don't need to get high don't pass me no pills

I whipe that work like I'm in the fields

One day we gonna have mils maybe even trills

Pump that gas

Then we off like the flash

They try to speed passed but ended up in a crash

stayed inside to long y'all need to touch some grass

You say you got cash

Where do you hide yo stash

Trynna sneak diss are you an intruder

Got a fine thick bitch working at the hooters

How dumb you think I am you can't fool me like you fool her

Not even Bob Saget cant fool me like you fool her

They tell me I can't but I tell em can

They don't blow air but still a fan

Niggas be on my dick but I am not a tran

Niggas sit around me I'm who they can't stand

Yet niggas still stay say I cant rap

I don't want any smoke save that shit for the trap

Im only cool with real niggas they greet me with a dap

tired of me already then go take a nap

now clap it up its a standing ovation

Got to teach them how it's orientation

Gotta draw it
out that's a illumination

Imma gen z I'm the next generation