I need an advice for dawless recording


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I find myself with a bunch of old instrumental songs I made with my synthesizers all controlled by a midi seq.
My final thought is to record them and put them in my youtube channel so I would like to record them without using a pc/mac.
What do you suggest? I do not need a multitrack recorder because the songs are already made, no need to add tracks or edit them, just need to put them out on youtube!
Thank you for your suggestions.
Could I use some samplers like MPC or Roland SX for that?


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Ultimately you will need to get them into a digital format to upload, unless you plan to do "live performance" videos. Lots of unanswered questions here before we can make a recommendation...

Hi, 4 Computerless Production Setups for Electronic Musicians. ... Simply put, going DAWless refers to making electronic music without the aid of a computer. Rather, it relies on comprehensive standalone music-production systems, grooveboxes, sequencers, and other hardware devices for composing, arranging, and performing. The main 3 things you need to go DAWless is a synthesizer, sequencer/sampler, and drum machine. A DAWless setup can have more or fewer items depending on if you want your computer-free set up to be completely portable, more flexible, or have the ability to record.