I made an app that makes it easier to get feedback on your mix or song idea


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Hey FutureProducers-Community!

I'm Julian, a Bass Player from Berlin! For the past months, I've been working on a Website that makes it easy to gather feedback from teams on mixes and songs. It has been online for a few days and I'd be very happy about your feedback!


Here are some features that were important to me:

- The people listening to your mix can discuss ideas
- Invited people don't have to sign up or download anything
- The site works well on mobile
- It's fun to navigate the song on your phone
- The feedback is linked to the playtime of the music, making the feedback more specific

The website is still in its infancy, but there are already a ton of features that I want to build:
Mix Comparisons, Looping, Mix Revision Counts and Download when it's ready, Deadlines, ... whatever helps to
make this a useful tool for musicians. :)

If this might be something for you, you can try it out here:

https://remoterecord.io (https://remoterecord.io)

I am more than excited for your feedback! I hope you're doing well and have a nice day.