I have 27 years, is it too late to become a hip hop music producer?


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I have 27 years, is it too late to become a succesful hip hop music producer?

hi everyone, this is the first time in my life that i found my passion and happiness, in hip hop music production and listening to music and this passion increases with the passage of time and knowledge my only obstacle that i found is the language i do not understand english well and all the good content in english is it too late To be a successful producer and get into the game?
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Its never too late. You dont have to know the language so much, if you wanna produce, just start making music, its universal language.

I reccomend you to watch some tutorials on youtube and then try to recreate some beats, best way to learn bro

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He did H at 15 also, stop comparing yourself to other ppl
the point is he produced his biggest record at the age 49, OP asked if it was too late at 27, I dont see how his drug habits have anything to do with the question. Personally I feel hip hop is the only genre where people feel age is a factor.
Heck no, I started at like 25. Whatever makes you unique will help your beats.

You gotta plant the seed, the longer you wait the worse.

If you have a passion for it, that's the main thing, age does not matter. This is not a sport lol.

Frank Sinatra was like 60 killing it.

There are advantages to being older: you can buy better equipment, a more mature mindset, probably better at business, signing contracts etc.
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