HRK MPQ568C PRO Saturation Colour Preamp with 2 Bands EQ - NEW upgraded version!

MPQ568C PRO Saturation Colour Preamp with 2 Bands EQ - NEW upgraded version!

  • High-Fidelity Recordings with VERUM’70 Circuitry
  • Class A Discrete Input Stage for Natural and Smooth Sound
  • Low Gain and High Gain Preamp Setting
  • Mic Preamp Gain from +10dB to +60dB
  • Line Input Gain from -16dB to +12dB
  • Easy to Use Musical 2 Bands Shelf EQ
  • Better Tone Control with Independent Filter Circuitry for Each EQ Band
  • 2 Settings per Band: 6kHz/12kH | 80Hz/160Hz
  • Custom HRK Active Output Transformer
  • Drive/Trim Control for Each Colour Module
  • Smart Drive Meter for Each Colour Module
  • Input and Output Bi-directional LED VU Meter
  • Dedicated Active Line Input for DAW Tracking and Mastering
  • Low Noise EIN=-129dBu @ 60dB of Gain
  • Low Distortions 0.07% THD @ 60dB of Gain
  • Pro-Grade Texas Instruments Opamps
  • Gloss Black Blue Metalic Pearl Finish
  • Twice More Tone-Shaping Options with 2 Colour Slots
  • Fully Compatible with DIYRE Colour Module Format
  • Direct Sale – Save Your Money on Distributor Fee!

The MPQ568C PRO is a Studio Grade, Low noise, Colour Microphone Preamplifier with Two Bands Shelf EQ and Dedicated Active Line Input for Tracking and Mastering purposes.

The MPQ568C PRO uses VERUM’70 Class A Discrete Input Preamplifier circuitry, which delivers noiseless High-Fidelity recordings and no-compromise THD performance.

The output is coupled with a custom HRK Active Audio Transformer which eliminates problems of the passive transformer, such as low-end roll-off at a higher level, load-dependent signal degradation and electromagnetic interferences sensitivity.

The Active Transformer enhances all the good qualities of the transformer. The LF harmonics content and the HF air effect.

The Two Bands, easy-to-use, musical shelf BAX EQ is a powerful tool and will enhance any type of music material. Each band has two frequency settings, selected to provide the flexibility of use.

The Active Line Input stage handles easily the high-level input signals and it is designed specifically for Tracking and Mastering.

The MPQ568C PRO has two Colour Modules slots, which provides twice more tone-shaping possibilities, compared to other colour format preamps.

The semi-logarithmic Gain control allows to accurately set the recording level or to drive the Colour Modules.

The MPQ568C PRO is a perfect solution for recording and post-processing.

Smooth and Easy to Use EQ

The EQ of the MPQ568C PRO is made of 2 independent filter circuits for the Top and a Low shelf section.

The EQ section delivers smooth transients and low noise. The EQ provides +/-10dB Cut/Boost for each band.

Each band has a switch that allows selecting between two frequencies.

Optimized Gain Control

The Gain control is optimized for using the Colour Modules and for tracking or mastering.

The MPQ568C PRO has two gain ranges. The low gain (+10db to +38dB) mode is better suited for condenser microphones and the high gain mode (+40dB to +65dB) for low-level dynamic microphones.

The Gain control knob works for has semi-logarithmic gain spread across the scale range which is easier to use for recording or mastering.

More information about using the MPQ568C PRO can be found in the User Manual.

Advanced MPQ568C PRO Metering Features

The MPQ568C PRO is equipped with advanced metering tools controlled by an onboard microprocessor.

The main Bi-directional LED meter can display levels from -15dBU up to +12dBu. The levels below the 0dBu are displayed in a conventional way, from bottom to top.

Each Colour Module has a designated Smart Drive Indicator incorporated in the transparent bypass switch.

The colour of the indicator changes from green to red depending on the level of colour module saturation.

The Smart Drive Indicator helps to find the correct level of saturation and helps to match the saturation level of the stereo or multichannel setup.

Additionally, the MTR button switches the main VU meter to display the level of the signal present on the input of each colour module. This advanced feature allows setting the level/drive to match multiple MPQ568C PRO units up to 1dB.

Add Vintage Analogue Tone to any Track or Mix.

The MPQ568C PRO Active Line Input is designed for processing the line signals with Colour Modules and the onboard two bands EQ.

You can easily add the magic vintage vibe to any DAW track or the mix and achieve stunning results with your digital recordings.

The MPQ568C PRO Active Line Input is not a simple resistor attenuator mic input PAD, which can be found in many low-quality preamps.

The Active Line Input is a high-quality, dedicated balanced circuit, actively attenuating the signal, without the degradation of the noise performance.

The Line input is suitable for a wide range of signal sources. It provides -16dB of attenuation before the colour modules. As a result, the colour module saturation can be controlled accurately, delivering a pallete of tones.

The microphone and line signals are passed by a high-quality relay with Gold/Silver plated contacts.

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