How to put certain sounds in foreground and background of mix?


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sounds general and vague but it's a problem i'm running into. I'll have like 3 different melodies/instruments going off doing there own thing, and I'll want one in the background (like a lead sound but I want it operating like a pad sound would), one sound I want to be central (the hook/main melody people hear) and the third sound being that subliminal boost (and not interfering with the main melody.

Question put simply.omegle xender

1)What techniques can I use to make some instruments STAND FRONT AND CENTER in my mix. (besides adjusting volume/filter controls)

2.) How do I get certain sounds sitting in the back of my mix (besides adjusting volume/filter controls)

3.) and how do I get 2 or more melody type sounds not to interfere with one another so that A main melody can be heard clearly while another melody is used for back up and not interfereing with the "groove" of the main melody?
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You asked this question elsewhere, and I responded. Let’s give it one more go. By definition, volume is the way you move things to the front or back of a mix. If by “filter,” you mean EQ, that is the other main tool that any mixer will use. So you are really saying “How do you mix, without using any of the standard tools and techniques of the last century?” Or, “How do I paint a picture without using paints, brushes, or a canvas?” Danged if I know.

Regarding multiple melodies, it is usually a question of note-choice, and arrangement/orchestration. In other words, writing parts that work without getting in the way of the others. It may also be instrument choice, and EQ carving may be part of the process.

If you rule out basic, standard tools, then you have to figure it out on your own. “How do I hammer a nail, **without using a hammer**?” I don’t know, very awkwardly, with a steel-toed boot???



1) very quick delays (1/64 or 1/32 note should be good) - you don't hear individual "delays/echos" but everything is "fatter"; you can also use longer pre-delay on reverb, also compression can help to move track forward in the mix
2) longer delays/reverbs (hall, church etc), short pre-delay on reverb
3) panning, eq, volume