How to make a square LFO lead?


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Hey JayDeeFrmLA,
This patch is not the easiest to design but it's a cool exercise to get an advanced approach of sound design.
To explain it, I will use Serum because it's the main sound design synth for me and most people. But if you have another one like Massive, I think you could do the same.

So the first step is to get a thin oscillator wave that doesn't make some chest and low frequencies (In Serum, the ones that are in the digital section). The filter isn't so important but you can still let a little cutoff to clean the sound.

But where you will make this kind of whistling effect, is in the LFO section. More precisely, you will use 2 LFOs:
- The first one will have a very basic shape (preferably a square), and will modulate the oscillator volume and/or the filter cutoff with a big amount.
- The second one, will have a kind of simple climb and rising shape with a 2 bar rate, and will be in the envelope mode. It will modulate the amount of the first LFO.

If you don't understand this well, the concept is the same than explained in this video from 11:10, even if it's not the same application:

I'm sorry if some sentences are not really English but I'm a French producer so I'm forgiven (;

Anyway, I hope this answer was helpful for you and good luck with this patch !

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