How to get your beats to clip clean?


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Can you guys tell me how the heck this guy gets his beats to clip like this?? (FREE) [GUITAR] Rylo Rodriguez x Toosii x NoCap Type Beat 2020 "Synthetic" - YouTube

It's clipping so that is doesn't sound bad, but still adds a lot of crunch, especially when the open hat hits. When I try doing this it kills the sound and when the hat hits it sounds like trash.

Sounds to me like a soft clipper on a drum bus with some kind of saturation.. But I can't pull it off
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i think its just a clipped 808 and everything else is clean. I don't hear the guitar getting to fucked by the 808s.

If you want that vibe tho, you could put tube saturation on the master bus or just use a clipper to clip (i use StandardClip)

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preamp gain. increase the the gain on the input while decreasing the output signal to create harmonic distortion. you can do this with a preamp emulator. your mileage may vary depending on the type of preamp you use.


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I know exactly the sound your looking for.. you wanna put a clip plugin on a open highhat.. these guys are clipping the whole track they are mixing at low volume and clipping their mix bus then on the master you add a limiter to flatten the rest of the track