How to get this "rocksteady piano" typical sound ?


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Hey producers !

I'm wondering since a long time how to create this "vintage piano recording" feeling we often hear in rocksteady (or old vinyls).

These pianos appears in these two songs :
"The Soul Brothers - Free Soul" appearing at 0:14
"Fela Kuti - Water no get enemy" appearing at 0:02

I Tried to put different filters on a classical piano, I used guitar rig to get it more raw but it never sound just like I want it to sound ?

Do you guys have any idea ?
Thanks ! ?


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The Soul Brothers thing is a-- wait for it........ piano.

I would try changing your register (where you are playing the chords on the keyboard), and using a little darker EQ.

It sounds like the Fela tune might be electric piano. He did use electric and other keyboard (as opposed to real piano) sounds pretty frequently.

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